This project was a collaboration between Capetech, the Flemish Gymnastics Federation and Sport.Vlaanderen. The developed system supports performance improvement on the gymnastic vault. By collecting video and sensor data, the coach and gymnasts can better analyse and improve the exercise.

Video is and remains the best way to provide biomechanical feedback for an athlete. Video allows an athlete to mentally shape the proprioceptive information they feel while performing a movement.

Three cameras in perpendicular positions register the athlete while performing the exercise on the vault. These cameras were installed and calibrated by Capetech and transmit the data wirelessly. The three cameras are also synchronised so that the images can be viewed together. The images are sent wirelessly to a tablet application on which the athlete and coach can review the images immediately after performing their exercise. To quantify the vault performance, a sensor system was also designed, produced and seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

If you are interested in video systems for your sports applications and/or the integration with sensor systems? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.