Coaches all over the world struggle with stop watches, they take notes on semi-wet papers, they spend a lot of time to copy those notes into a spreadsheet to finally forget about that spreadsheet anyway. From now on, coaches can say goodbye to taking notes and spend more focus on coaching.

Swimtraxx One is the smartest swim specific tracker. Ever. It registers tons of data that are translated into real-time valuable insights. The intelligence inside the system provides swimmers and coaches with accurate parameters.

Swimtraxx consists off 3 major pillars. First there is Swimtraxx One, the wearable swim tracker. Secondly there is the mobile app, mainly to be used by the swimmers to manage their tracker and to follow up their own workouts. And finally, there is the game-changing tool for coaches: Swimtraxx Team. Swimtraxx’ high performance algorithms calculate everything in real-time. Coaches can now spend less time on collecting data. Instead, they will have more time for technique and motivation during those tough sets. Swimtraxx One works in inside pools as well as in outside waters.

We monitor heart rate, we detect what stroke an athlete is swimming, how fast they turn, how long they stay underwater, we time the swimmer’s laps, calculate stroke rate and efficiency and finally we count strokes and breathing. This gives swimmers time to enjoy the sport they love even more. From now on, a coach can focus on stroke efficiency for athlete X and focus on turn time for athlete Y. All the data is right there at their fingertips.

If you are interested in wireless wearable sensor devices for your sport and/or the integration with mobile apps? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.